Best place to buy Bitcoin : Bitcoin

I have a coinbase account and have made very light purchases in crypto.

I would like to buy at least two bitcoin at this point.

Is coinbase a safe place to do that?

Many of the largest exchanges will usually offer a relatively «safe» experience, however as soon as you purchase it is good practice to immediately withdraw your Bitcoin balance to your own personal wallet (where only you know the private keys).

I use Kraken for over a while now, plus they’ve got support chat when I needed help. there’s not other exchange I trust more since they are said to be very security minded… I’ve not regretted my decision.

Since you already have a coinbase account, log in to and deposit funds into your account with an ACH bank transfer (no cost, but takes a little time to clear).

I am having trouble buying bitcoin online because I am sick of paying such high fees at bitcoin atm’s. I am looking to buy bitcoin to use on international betting sites such as bovada and betonline but these sites do not accept my chase debit card.

Lets say I wanted to buy 3-4 bitcoins and HODL on to them for a while (for investment vs speculation).

That’s a nice chunk of USD these days.

I don’t trust Coinbase and their fees on that amount can suck it.

Robinhood is without fees and great for speculation but at present, you can’t transfer your coins to a wallet. What exchanges would you recommend to acquire a few bitcoins at low cost/fees?

If you don’t have your secret key you don’t own the Bitcoin. Just saying…

Cash app only lets you deposit $2500 USD per week. It would take OP months to buy 3 BTC

We really need bitcoin to be sold like crack in the 90s in America.

Just go hit the corner and head into the alley to get your stuff.

There needs to be an app for that.

Deposit some to and get like 6%-10% interest on your bitcoins that you are hodling.

i tried coinbase but their support was pretty much nonexistant, using now and they actually respond when i need help

android —

Cointree has been my go to exchange, so simple to use, good rates, lots of altcoins to choose from and fast customer support.

It depends on the country you live.

I use Coinify in Guarda wallet, but it’s for EU only.

You can also try Indacoin or CEX, for example.

By the way, ChangeNOW partners with Indacoin, so you can buy any coins right away.

if you buy btc on there do you have to wait a certain amount of time before transferring it to another wallet?

A good option for UK/European customers is CoinCorner.

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However, we are concerned that together with our in-depth articles about fiat, crypto and bitcoin BTC vs bitcoin BCH, we will have to write a comprehensive guide teaching people how to buy cryptocurrency easily.

So I’ll admit, I’m somewhat new to this.

I did know about bitcoin when it was $400 though, but it’s hard to convince your parents to let you invest in virtual internet money when youre 14 lol. I believe that bitcoin is going to keep rising from the point it’s at now. I looked around for the lowest fees to buying bitcoin and figure coinbase pro would be the cheapest/best. Its telling me that I would need to wait 2-3 days to verify my bank account and then 3-5 days for the transfer. I’m thinking now it might be better to eat a somewhat higher fee in order to get in faster (from all my investing knowledge gosh I know how stupid this sounds but bear with me).

Ok so I’m looking to get about £530 worth of bitcoin which is about 0.11 bitcoin. I have the money on my card, and wondered what the best website would be to buy these bitcoin and put them into my wallet. Is there any precautions I have to take to make sure I don’t get mugged off and it’s all safe. Thanks for any feedback

This! Just be sure to create your own wallet and keep your funds safu after you acquire it 🙂

Ask around your communities to see if anyone has Bitcoin that they want to sell to you. Alternately, find some local Bitcoin groups and attend a meetup or something.

Ok thank you, this is what we usually do, but our mate currently has no bitcoin and we need some now, so gonna have to buy some

Easiest is just to buy on coinbase.

Hello! I am interested in buying some BTC and hold for long-term perspectives. What’s the fastest and secure way of doing it? I am thinking about getting a free digital wallet, go to an exchange and buy BTC, save my password in a secure place and just relax and wait for few months. Did I miss anything? Any advise is highly appreciated!

No need to rush.

Personally, I use GDAX (a Coinbase exchange).

Gemini also has a good reputation.

After you buy, transfer the coins to the wallet you control.

I’d also suggest waiting a lot longer than a ‘few months’.

If you want your Bitcoin to have fully appreciated in value, you will never convert it to fiat. Instead, everyone will already be accepting it, so you’ll just use it to make purchases.

Looking into buying btc.

In this page i see many options but not sure what is safe and what is not. Also looking for privacy, convenience and low/no fees, but above all safety of not getting scammed.

Coinbase is really usefull, they have a mobil app too, and you can instant buy by debit card, you can also go to localbition to find BTC ATM near you.

But coinbase places your coins in a wallet controlled by them, right? I like to control my own private keys.

The btc ATMs in my country charge 4%.

Is this good in comparison to other options?

Coinbase is fine.

The fees are obviously high but for beginners it’s probably the easiest way to enter the market without knowing anything about cryptocurrency.

I heard coinbase keeps your wallet for you.

Now, I have used Coinbase Bitstamp and CashApp.

Let me start off by why I don’t like Bitstamp Coinbase and Cashapp

Go find a dark alleyway in any major city and look for a sketchy guy hanging around with his hands in his pocket. When he asks you if you’re «looking to score», he’s talking about Bitcoin.

Ask him how much for «an eight ball», which means 8mBTC.

Give him the cash and a wallet address and he’ll transfer the BTC within the next 20 minutes.

Or alternatively, use the search function for the thousand other people that have asked the same question and see what answers they got. Your requirements may be different to others and without a lot more context (what kind of limits you want; what your time preference is; what level of KYC you’re willing to accept; etc, no one here can give you practical advice.

This is an amazing resource.

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