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Bitcoin has had an exciting run, breaking its price record in 2017 before settling back down again. Plus, it serves multiple purposes that other investment vehicles can’t: it’s a store of value and a medium of exchange, on top of being a great way to diversify a portfolio.

For these reasons, Bitcoin makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

As we head into the holiday season, let’s explore some unique ways to gift bitcoins to your family and friends.

Paper Wallets are an easy way to gift bitcoins since it’s literally printed on physical paper. The paper wallet contains all the relevant information needed for spending the coins. The public and private keys necessary for making bitcoin transactions are printed on the paper wallet. In addition, a paper wallet usually has a QR code which can be scanned and added to a software wallet to make quick transactions.

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Many people keep useless gift cards in their wallets, here are four safe ways to exchange them for Bitcoin

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Many people that do not know what to give their friends or family choose gift cards.

If you’ve already spent a small fortune in Amazon and iTunes gift cards (to the point that everyone on your list already knows what to expect when Christmas comes around) and exhausted every clever way to present someone with cold hard cash, fret not. Because of the internet, there is a whole frontier of money that you may not have yet explored. In other words, cryptocurrency is here to save you.

Cryptocurrency has branched out big time since Bitcoin first hit the scene in 2009, with over 1,600 different blockchain currencies and counting (as of late 2018). Nonetheless, Bitcoin is still the most popular by far, so that’s the one we’ll focus on here.

First of all, being still relatively new and unfamiliar to many people, there’s an element of novelty.

The important stories of innovation across the continent’s wide-ranging economies

While some holiday shoppers might be ogling the Nintendo Switch or that perfect pair of jeans, savvy folk like you and I understand that deep down your friends and family are secretly hoping to unwrap the gift of a speculative, volatile investment.

Bitcoin, the digital currency that JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon once called “a terrible store of value,” is an appealing mix of danger, value, and zeitgeist for the discerning gift-giver this holiday season. The cryptocurrency has been on a tear this year, jumping by around 1,700% in value.

Giving a friend or loved one bitcoin is the imperfect midpoint between gifting a savings bond (zzz) and a lottery ticket (tacky). Like a savings bond, the gift has an intrinsic value that you pass on to the recipient.

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