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If you’re a trader who wants to purchase a large amount of cryptocurrency, buying coins or tokens through a traditional exchange exposes you to several problems. Not only can slippage greatly increase the cost of a trade, but you’ll also need to deal with the risks of hacking and theft that come with trading on an ordinary exchange.

This is where over-the-counter (OTC) trading comes in. OTC trading is a service available to high-volume traders, meaning it’s only available to certain individuals or groups.

Внебиржевая торговля происходит вне открытых торгов Kraken.

Мы предлагаем больше ликвидности, а также персонализированный сервис компаниям и частным лицам с запросами крупных торгов, открытое размещение которых может существенно влиять на рынок. Торгуете ли Вы объемом по $100,000, €10,000,000 или 2,000 Bitcoin, отдел ОТС предоставит Вам дискретные, безопасные и сверхконкурентные услуги торговли и расчета.

Возможности, предлагающие больше, чем безопасные и конфиденциальные транзакции и расчеты.

У нашей команды есть большой опыт работы в сфере трейдинга. Ранее они были успешны в таких крупных финансовых учреждениях, как JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, UBS, Morgan Stanley и Merrill Lynch.

In fact, the traditional currency exchange market trades over 300 times the size of the cryptocurrency market. Around $5 trillion in currency is traded in every 24 hour period, while the entire cryptocurrency trades around $15 billion.

What these means in the cryptocurrency market is that you can’t trade the same amount of currency that you normally would through a forex exchange, without facing significant slippage.

Like any marketplace, cryptocurrency trading and its prices is simply based on supply and demand. There can be discrepancies though when the supply outstrips the demand or vice versa.

This especially comes into play when you want to trade large amounts of currency.

On an exchange, you’ll see a price that’s quoted that’s meant to be representative of the current price of the currency.

When buying large amounts of Bitcoin, Finding a good broker is important (Amounts vary, but usually any amount over $25K USD), employing a trading method that protects you from shifting market position or the ‘slippage’ that occurs when you buy on a regular exchange. For some people, that method is trading with an over-the-counter (OTC) broker who directly finds a counter-party for your desired trade. This is the best case scenario if you are looking to acquire large amounts of these blockchain or digital assets. The exchanges we have often worked with for helping customers find these large quantities, or even sell them, is currently a company called Caleb and Brown!

We have partnered with them to offer express verification for any of our personal clients.

If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrency investing, then you have probably heard discussions about cryptocurrency OTC trading on forums and social networks. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the meaning of cryptocurrency OTC trading, its importance for the space, and some other interesting facts.

OTC trading stands for trades that happen “Over-the-counter”, meaning that they do not occur on regular cryptocurrency exchanges like for example Bitfinex or Binance. It’s important to note that this is not a term that is specific to the cryptocurrency market, OTC trading is wildly popular in traditional equities markets as well, with experts estimating that up to a 30% of the entire equities trading volume occurs via OTC trades.

Providing access to a robust network of global counterparties, opening up ultra liquid markets with the capability of executing trades of any size. Now available in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Coinsquare offers two-sided institutional grade liquidity in a market where trading volume is not always efficient. Market impact is reduced by accessing liquidity from multiple sources in order to provide our clients with optimal price execution.

Trade in fiat and digital currencies from $25,000 CAD with no limit.

The OTC Desk executes and settles trades with ease and transparency.

Coinsquare makes markets in a basket of digital currencies paired directly against CAD, USD, EUR, and CHF.

While digital assets typically trade in USD fiat pairs, Coinsquare makes markets directly accessible in USD, CAD, CHF, or EUR with no pass through FX cost.

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