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Development of the Telegram Open Network (TON) that will utilize Gram tokens is well underway, with launch expected on October 31.

After mainnet is live, we’ll open up trading of Gram on Liquid and enable withdrawals for unlocked Gram tokens.

Good things come to those who wait. Token allocations will be released in 25% batches 3, 6, 12 and 18 months after TON launch. Sit tight.

The Telegram Open Network (TON) platform brings together the world’s most powerful messaging platform with the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Telegram users will easily be able to buy, store and transfer value by using decentralized apps that include a user-friendly crypto wallet and advanced identification services.

Telegram has a massive, engaged user base that will serve as the pre-existing critical mass to grow TON.

You can buy Gram with any cryptocurrency available on our service, simply, conveniently and without registration. Be the first to receive the most popular cryptocurrency of 2019!

Gram is a cryptocurrency created on the basis of the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform. The development of Gram is led by the team of the most famous cryptocurrency messenger in the world, Telegram.

Current discount: 45% from ICO base price.

TON tokens until the end of the tokensale: 0.51%

The GRAM token, the representative cryptocurrency of the TON Blockchain. 200 millions of Telegram users will get a TON wallet making it the world’s most adopted cryptocurrency, it will easily accommodate millions of users and thousands of decentralized applications, to provide direct payment channels to transfer value in milliseconds.

Can securely handle millions transactions per second, thanks to unique Multi-Blockchain Architecture

Hypercube Routing, TON Blockchains can quickly exchange data using a smart routing system.

Proccesing nodes do only useful work maximizing efficiency and each block in a TON blockchain can become a blockchain of its own, making the structure inmensely flexible.

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A secondary market has quietly blossomed for Telegram’s yet-to-be-issued tokens.

Between over-the-counter (OTC) desks, sales on small cryptocurrency exchanges, and at least one investment fund, opportunities to buy the tokens, known as grams, before the blockchain’s Oct. 31 launch date are not hard to find.

But there’s a catch: investors who bought into Telegram’s $1.7 billion offering in February and March of 2018 are not allowed to sell or pledge their tokens in any way before the launch.

Pavel Durov`s statement about his intention to release the GRAM cryptocurrency, working on its own TON blockchain (Telegram Open Network) was the main news in the cryptocurrency community in February 2018. Many crypto investors wanted to participate in the TON Telegram ICO, but unfortunately, Durov brothers refused to sell the coins publicly. For this reason, many people around the world still want to know how to buy TON GRAM.

We want to tell you about this project, scammers who allegedly conduct a public ICO TON Telegram, and also about how you can buy GRAM coins now.

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