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The reason some people regard Grin as one of the most likely successors to bitcoin’s legacy is that it shares similarities with bitcoin that almost no other cryptocurrency does.

This is your complete guide to Grin, what makes it different and where you can buy it.

This is our quick guide to just one way of buying GRIN. Compare some other options in the table below.

At the time of writing, you can only buy GRIN with bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or Tether (USDT). You cannot yet buy it directly with fiat currency, such as USD.

If you want to buy Grin you will first need to buy cryptocurrency.

Grin empowers anyone to transact or save modern money without the fear of external control or oppression. It is a cryptocurrency that wants to be usable by everyone, regardless of borders, culture, skills or access.

Designed for the decades to come, not just tomorrow.

Privacy, Fungibility, Scalability.

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Stay tuned for more decentralized trading options such as GrinSwap.

Grin real-time price chart with extensive historical data

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A lot of people are excited about Grin (see our guide here), a lean, efficient, and very private blockchain built on the relatively new Mimblewimble protocol. For these reasons, Grin, or Grin Mimblewimble (hereafter Grin), offers the promise of a scalable private blockchain, with a storage size much smaller than both existing privacy-focused chains and Bitcoin.

There was plenty of hype surrounding Grin during its fair launch (no token sale, no premine, just mining), as institutions piled into mining the new coin right out of the gate.

One can understand, then, wanting to “get in early” on this project — but watch out. Grin is a high emission coin, with one new coin minted every second (forever, Grin developers expect), and no halving events.

This means that inflation on Grin will be quite high for a long time to come.

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