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The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system serving Delhi and its satellite cities of Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh, and Ballabhgarh, in the National Capital Region of India. It is the world’s 8th longest metro system and 16th largest by ridership. With the new metro, the Grey Line, the DMRC will expand to 377 km with a total of 274 stations.

Delhi Metro has introduced, for the first time in the country, ticketing and passenger control through a completely Automatic Fare Collection system.

The ticket which could be a token or card is purchased from the Ticket Counter or Customer Care Centre. Subsequently, the passenger proceeds to one of several gates that separate the Paid Area from the Unpaid Area. Here, the passenger will hold the ticket close to the machine to the right of the gate.

Is buying metro tokens from station booths easy for tourists who don’t speak a word of Russian? Thanks for any advice

While I speak Russian, I believe others have pointed out on TA all you have to do is hold up your fingers for how many trips you want…they cost I think around 25 rubles per trip/token, so presumably then you can hand them the right amount of money!

Given the low price, I suggest getting several at the same time so as to avoid potential lines when and if you need more…

Tokens in St.Petersburg are now 25 roubles a pice — so, give them 100-rbl note into a cashier’s window and show 4 fingers to get 4 of them.

There is often a line at the window, particularly at the beginning of the month when the magnetic cards are recharged, which takes longer per person than just buying a few tokens.

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