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I missed out cheap NEX due to failed Aphelion KYC, and not gonna go for tokok for its reliability concern. Finally i can get NEX at ease.

Well it doesnt work which is why I cant wait for Nash Exchange


I had a silly question, I’ve never participated in an ICO and never bought any token the moment they get listed but I’m very interested about NEX and want to buy the moment they get listed.

Obv there is a lot of hype.

Whats the usual strategy? Wait a few hours after getting listed? Buy right the moment it gets listed? Will it dump the next day?

I don’t know if people will be willing to sell.

There won’t be bag holders in this.

If everyone buys max that’s only 1,000 tokens.

I don’t think anyone will be in a hurry to offload it.

It’s not like anyone will have 30,000 or more and look to offload some of it.

I think it’ll have a run like ONT as a result. The supply dynamics allowed ONT to rise so far.

When will people be able to buy NEX tokens on the exchanges? Or the non-lottery winners be able to buy?

NEX is a security token. Most probably it will be available for purchase on it’s own DEX first than anywhere else.

We expect that several exchanges will want to list NEX. We will release that information on a later date.

Exactly why I want some NEX! Shame I didn’t win the lottery but I’ll definitely be accumulating NEX when it hits the exchanges though. I can see a good ROI on it possibly being x20 a few months after launch. Very optimistic to say the least!

Thank you i was searching for this info. Hopefully the market stays calm untill the end if this year, so the dividents i get paid in will appreciate in vallue when we get another run like in the beginning of this year.

Hey, o0Dilligaf0o, just a quick heads-up:untill is actually spelled until.

NEX has registered itself as a security, so does that mean US investors can’t buy it even after it hits the exchanges? I wish to buy NEX off the exchange as we were not part of the lottery but want to make sure I am not crossing the line doing so.

I thought you guys are «the land of freedom and opportunity». What s up with that?

You can still buy it once it hits the exchanges. Totally fine to do so, which is what I intend to do anyway.

I think not being listed on any top exchanges makes it difficult especially in a bull market. Bit worried as I see the price decreases while everything else increases 🤔

I feel the same exact way. I own a shit ton of Nex and seeing everything jump up 20 percent while Nex has gone down due to people thinking March 31st was an open Beta is making me sad.

i plan to hodl my nex. Once it is tradeable on nex itself( when the license is aquired), everything will be fine:)

BNB was exclusive for a long while on binance as well.

Idea: NEX is a decentralized exchange but the main difference from others DEXs and protocols is Off-Chain Matching Engine. All maching orders will be handled off-chain, in a trust and secure manner, which would allow making high-speed, high liquidity trading platform.

Team: NEO has largest open source community “City of Zion”.

All NEX Co-Founders are also Co-Founders of CoZ.

That shows that NEO and NEX teams are working very closely which is a strong indicator that this project will be successful.

Team members have years of experience in cryptocurrency and IT space.

Although team looks pretty young in age, but the advisors are very strong from Neo council.

Product: Neon exchange is built on NEO blockchain. NEX  — is a security token, which gives a right to receive a share from company income.

Investors are rushing to stake Nash Exchange (NEX) tokens, in order to maximize returns from the exchange’s fee-split model.

The address for Nash’s staking smart contract has seen a sharp surge in its balance. More than 700,000 NEX has been added to the wallet since Monday, when Nash went live. That takes the total number of staked NEX tokens up to 2.8M, which is roughly 8% of the circulating supply.

Creators describe Nash as a ‘distributed finance‘ platform. In addition to the usual trading facilities found in a DEX, users can also make payments in cryptocurrencies through NashPay.

Nash’s matching engine was built on the NEO blockchain, but cross-chain integrations allow communications with other protocols.

Nash lets you transfer assets securely without trusting third parties. We make decentralized finance fast, simple and safe.
You can stake Nash Exchange tokens (NEX) to receive a share of our exchange fees. As Europe’s first digital security, NEX paves the way for this exciting new asset class.

Nash Exchange [NEX] is a
token based on NEO blockchain.
The most actual price for one
Nash Exchange [NEX] is 59.27 ₽.
Nash Exchange is listed on 2
Exchanges with a sum of 3 active markets.

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