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I have a Rhys EDH deck themed around summoning massive quantities of tokens. Right now, the deck is capable of producing Angels, Spirits, Elf Warriors, g/w 8/8 Elementals, Plants, Wolves, Insects (Hornet/Ant Queen), Kor Soldiers, Centaurs, Snakes, and Saprolings.

Ideally, I’d like to get 10-20 of each.

However, most sites I’ve looked on (Troll & Toad, SCG, Ebay) are listing each token at 50-75 cents. Is there anywhere cheaper I can buy them? or should I just give up and use proxies and dice?

edit How I do Rhys is I have as many actual tokens as I can, but if I don’t have enough I use two of the token in question: one for an untapped pile and one for a tapped pile. Behind them I put tip cards that don’t have any printed tokens on them.

The way I think about it is, I need maybe 10 of them to handle the 10 different «states» of those tokens.

Here’s a site that use occasionally.

Depends on what you are looking for and what you can buy cheaper elsewhere.

A craft store will sell all sorts of things — beads, blocks of wood, oddly-shaped doo-dads — that can be used as tokens. They probably sell clay that can be molded into whatever shape you want and then left to dry and/or covered in shellac or clear nail polish.

«Teacher stores» will sell things like collections of plastic coins and little things in countable bunches.

Buy some chipboard.

Print some tokens on paper.

Glue the paper to chipboard.

My friend has a birthday coming up and I wanted to get him tokens for his deck. He runs dovescape and there isn’t any «official» tokens for the doves that get created by the card so we have been using various proxies this and this printed on standard printer paper and then put into sleeves with regular cards as backing.

I was wondering if there was a place where I could bulk order custom tokens printed to feel as much like real token cards as possible. Most places I have seen do mainly single or playset orders and I was looking to obtain a fairly significant number of them.

RK Post sells tokens through his website ( and while he doesn’t have doves specifically he does had several different bird tokens at $0.50 a piece.

Second RK Post. My only regret at GP Charlotte was not having MORE decks that needed tokens because his honestly are absolutely amazing.

So I’m putting together a deck with a major focus on zombie spawning (with Coat of Arms being the game breaker, X X-1/X-1 zombies). Cards like Endless Ranks of the Dead, Gisa Ghoulcaller, Army of the Damned, Overseer of the Damned, and Empty the Pits ensure I have a steady flow of zombies. Now I know most people use a single card with a D20 on it, but come on.

This deck is focused on grievance and intimidation.

I don’t want a single zombie token with 3 D20s on it.

I want a standard decks worth of zombies sitting on my mat, with 3 D20s on it. scare factor, Yknow? (Did I mention Akromas Memorial? Yeah.)

I’d just pony up and get it done and over with on TCGPlayer.

The Journey into Nyx zombie token can be had 15 for $0.09.

The Dragons of Tarkir one is $0.15 for 8.

Origins zombie token is less than $0.10.

One seller on there has over 400 of them.

EDIT: This is really fun.

I’ve played twice now with a group of friends, once with a pre-constructed (Evasive maneuvers) which was way too complicated and I had a bad time. Second time I built a deck from «commanders quarters» and a Dinosaur tribal deck on my own and had a much better experience.

As I am new to the game I am eager to get my hands on as many cards as possible w/o spending much. Mainly I want to read and play with as many cards as I can to try to understand the game better and make more effective turns.

I’ve seen bulk cards on Amazon from various sources, eBay bulk cards but all have mixed reviews.

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