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If you’re having trouble purchasing a WoW Token from the in-game shop, follow these guidelines:

Open the in-game Shop in World of Warcraft and purchase a WoW Token. You may use the in-game Shop to purchase a maximum of 20 Tokens per week. Once you’ve completed your purchase, the WoW Token will be placed in your inventory. If you don’t have any inventory space, the Token will be mailed to you.

Note: Token auctions cannot be canceled.

Cant but token in auction without active account.

I search that i can buy from shop but the option is greyed out and says “unavailable to veteran account”

No, but if you have the gold available across all your characters on a sole realm, you can pool them together to purchase one from the character select screen.

This, however, I don’t think I’ve seen before. The usual culprit is that you can’t buy a token if you’re in a region that doesn’t support them.

Get the basics out of the way…Do you have game time on your account? If you are trying to buy a token for game time on the online store, don’t bother. It doesn’t work that way, just spend $14.99 and buy a month of game time. Tokens from the online store are only good for gold.

This, however, I don’t think I’ve seen before.

I have 5 x tokens I bought from the AH, but when I tried to put them back at AH, I just couldn’t, and I’ve noticed it’s because it’s soul bound.
The only use I have for them is either 30 day game time or battle net balance I realized.

Anyways, when I opened the ingame store to buy tokens it just wouldn’t let me, saying that I have token types incomparable, which I assume I need to get rid of the tokens from AH first to buy more tokens from the Ingame store, right?
Why the difficulty? Why can’t I have both types? the ones I got from AH as well as the Ingame tokens?

The limit is 10 that you can hold in your inventory at any one time.

Blizzard should make it clear that you cannot buy multiple WoW tokens, exchange them for currency and then buy WoW time. I bought 3 WoW tokens so I can buy 3 months of WoW but have an extra $7 in my blizzard wallet but since this was unclear and I cannot do that I now I have to buy 2 WoW tokens and wait 12 hours before I can re-buy a WoW token for game time.

Whenever I try to purchase one of the in-game services, it lets me choose which character to apply it to, and then after I click confirm, the background screen goes blue and the window for what I assume it payments shows up, but the window is completely blank/black (with only the “X” in the top right corner showing).

I noticed when I try to submit a bug report in-game, the in-game browser-like screen also doesn’t load.

Doublecheck to make sure you don’t have a firewall, or security program blocking the shop, Talgor. Shop purchases use different access points from the game and some security programs tend to block them.

You may also consider resetting your User Interface, in case that is blocking anything.

I am having the same issue. I have reset my interface, i do not have Razer Synapse, and I don’t see my security programs calling out anything.

I am NOT asking for WoW tokens for classic! I repeat I am NOT asking for WoW tokens for classic!

My game time is up in a few days and this months been tight. I don’t have a debit or credit card so my only option is to go to the store and buy game time cards for 30$. My questions are simply these:

Could i make a toon on retail and have someone trade me a game token? Whats a good gold price for one converted from retail amounts into classic? Does any of this violate the TOS?

I’m especially worried about that last question. that is why i thought i would ask here first before trying anything.

I hit Shop Wow token Choose my mode of payment Then a security check for password shows up.

At that point I’m typing but nothing is coming up. I can’t click on anything no cancel this to go back to the main screen.

Still going on.

Hoping blizzard can help.

And yes Ofcourse I contacted them.

Save your wow gold if you want to get this cause you cant use it to get this bundle. I contacted a gm to verify if its intended and she said it was and that it makes no sense to her either.

Only way to get it is if you use a real card to sub.

Not sure why they made it this way cause the last one they did you could use wow tokens for.

The gm told me to give feedback on the forums about this and she said if it gets enough they might atleast consider changing it.

This doesn’t make any sense.

This is the reason:

I just bought the last token currently posted, at 176.483g; expect a huge spike incoming.

fuck me sideways i bought a token and used it immediately to get game time rather account balance, even if i have still something like 50 euros on it

Why do you regret it so much? I’m probably stupid, but, I don’t understand

It happened in NA too, no token available now. I think it is because of the dreadwake mount + 180 days promotion.

As soon as i got the bundle i started buying out tokens until they ran out. I assume there was a few people doing the same,

Can anyone explain to me how the NA token price is still going up when there are ‘no tokens available’ ???

There is a script on blizzard side, every 15 mins.

Hello, so basically I’m wondering if it is possible to buy 20 wow tokens with cash and sell them all on AH in one day.

I need close to 8 million gold.

So for me to get 8 million gold I would have to buy over 20 wow tokens. I’m just not sure if there is like a daily limit on how many tokens I can purchase with cash. Thank you

When we are talking about gold and token we might lose that point of view, but, 20 token = 400€.

I’m happy for you if this amount is negligeable, but it’s a lot of money dude.

You cannot trade, mail, vendor, bank, or destroy Tokens.

Coming soon to an Azeroth near you: the WoW Token, a new in-game item that allows players to simply and securely exchange gold and game time between each other.

Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game Shop for real money, and then sell it on the Auction House for gold at the current market price.

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