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When it comes to the NBA 2K19 MyTeam feature, there are different in-game currencies to earn and spend.

These include Virtual Currency, MyTeam coins, and Tokens.

Gamers are able to earn these through various aspects of the game and use them to purchase MyTeam player cards, contracts, and other items. However, those who aren’t deep into the game will mostly be using VC and MT, but not Tokens. Here’s a look at how to get NBA 2K19 Tokens in MyTeam and unlock the Token Market.

To get NBA 2K19 Tokens in MyTeam will take a bit of grinding, but it can be well worth it. Tokens are available through participation in the various MyTeam game modes. You can go into the MyTeam area of 2K19 and then to “Single Player.”

From there, select “Challenges.” You can choose Weekly, Moments, or Schedule Challenges.

Note: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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What’s the use of these tokens this year? I’ve never really been into MyTeam and I’m trying to get into it this year.

You start at the lowest tier card ( emerald I believe) and you have to unlock ten cards of each tier to open the next one. So you have to redeem ten emerald reward players to open the sapphire reward players. Then once you redeem ten sapphire rewards the ruby reward players become available etc.

and oh get them from most of the modes.

Domination, triple threat offline, completing sets ,collector rewards etc.

To get the reward players.

If you complete regular (98), fantasy (143), and all time (178) you will have 419 tokens total + diamond + PD players

It takes 570 total tokens to get one diamond reward player, so you’re 79 tokens short

complete triple threat offline (5 tokens * 7 divisions) = 35 tokens. I believe board 7 is formatted the same (correct me if I’m wrong) so that will be 70 tokens

complete a few nba current team sets. Let’s just say you do 4 teams (4 * 20 = 80)

MyTeam unlimited gives you 15 tokens + diamond player for going 12-0. They have lower rewards but you want to aim to go 12-0

play triple threat online, YBC gives out a great way to make a lot of mt per hour ( You can use that MT to complete more sets.

what, explain how it works.

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