Help me understand why I should invest in crypto : CryptoCurrency

I’m taking notice that there’s widespread discounts across the board.

I sure would love to take part of this revolution and fill my bags.

(bag filling is like a water trickle, my tap is fiat and the bank takes most of it)

I know there’s a lot of Hodl this Don’t sell, hodl! Now I may have been one of those crazies fueling the peak, but that’s because the peak still wasn’t an absurd price in my logic.

A lot of people are complaining about ‘losing all their money’ that just sounds like they are busy selling rather than buying. I’m going to assume anyone purely talking about ‘losing’ is a complete newb to trading and has never invested in their life.

I haven’t been in the market for nearly a year and I’m not sure which projects I should be supporting. Can anyone provide a TLDR on what is worth my investment at this time, or whether I should just keep my tether.


It is your call.

BTC is going to fork soooooonish.

I would say BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC or Stellar.

Or Ethereum if you like the idea of all these Dapps that are currently being developed.

Than you will miss quite a few technologies with out mining.

To understand why you should invest in cryptocurrency you first need a foundation of how it works and why distributed ledger technology has the potential to change the world. If you’re not super familiar with the tech I would recommend checking these out:

Decent intro to the tech: Blockchains: How they work and why they’ll change the world

I would also strongly suggest any of Andreas Antonopolous’s videos on youtube, and the bitcoin and ethereum white papers.

The reason I’m not putting in any money into crypto is because I have no idea what kind of news could make the price go up

Right now we’re in a clear downtrend, so it looks like some big news would be required to bring in enough new money to break the trend and start a new market cycle.

A couple days ago I learnt about cryptocurrency.

I got quite interested but I am not entirely sure if it is a good idea for me to invest in it.

What do you guys think? Should I mine? Should I invest? Should I just buy Destiny 2?

I am a 22 year old guy who currently is working as an intern and making about 155 USD per month.

I use half of it in gas and food, leaving 77 USD for personal use.

I am willing to use all of this.

I am willing to mine with my personal PC, if specs are needed feel free to let me know.

All opinions and explanations are welcome, specially if you are currently a cryptocurrency user.

Edit: I would also like to know which cryptocurrency is the best to use atm and why

invest in things that generate income. (as a general rule this means mutual funds …

I don’t see harm in buying a small amount but don’t make it a significant portion of your investments.

I think blockchain is a legitimate technology, but cryptocurrencies will not be the implementation that changes money.

If someone is comfortable with a small, high risk/high reward play, BTC is a good vessel. With that being said, it should be nothing more than a small part of a portfolio (<5%), and should only be invested in when most funds have been allocated in to far better places.

I have a small amount of play money in a few coins.

I don’t follow it at all.

If I see crypto in the main stream news non-stop again, I’ll see where I’m at. Otherwise, it just rides.

1/ investing in crypto means investing for 5 years and more. this way you could weather the markets instability.

It was Now at $3, it was Now at $100, it was even Now at 19000.

You cannot predict the bottom/top or every crash/bullrun.

Just buy Now.

Buy on the way up and the way down.

And buy what you’re comfortable with.

Dont go and sell your house.

I’m buying $10 worth every week.

But I already have a good amount stored in a wallet.

So dont ask, just do!

8000% growth after each subsequent low.

That has been the historical trend.

Shit is gonna look tiny compared to the next bull peak, possibly around 200k. So yes, listen to OP.

Its been said that there are 2 great times to buy.

One was in 2011, the other time is always right now.

(And go ahead and plant a tree too while your at it)

ppl had your same reaction when they sold at the top of $500.

its hard to determine the top.

so asking «whens the dip» to buy in is dumb.

I have been interested in crypto for a while, but as we all know, they didn’t havent been doing well for the last year. I’m thinking about buying about $1000 in btc and seeing what happens over the next few months. I k ow there is no way to predict the future, but is there any hope that the prices will rise again?

Buy crypto if the money you’re investing, is money you’re willing/OK to lose. Since we can’t ask a time traveler, assume the worst so the worst doesn’t happen to your portfolio.

A time traveler said to buy Bitcoin.

at the point where most people have no hope of the price going up again, that is when people have the most to gain

I agree.

is it a good time to invest in general im not in a rush just looking to get something that might benefit me in the future is there a specific season the prices go down and a specific time the prices go up or its just luck. especifically looking into dent, wax, aion or nano

As the great Shawn Carter said «don’t take advice from anyone, everyone’s scared»

As long as its not anything youll lose sleep over, I would.

Id be filling bags now if I had anything to spare.


Statistically, it has been best to invest when the market is down %80 or so from it’s past all time high. In the end though, no one really knows what the price will be today, tomorrow, or the day after.

This is a high risk, highly speculative market. This means nothing is valuated at what it is actually worth, it is valued at what people speculate it could be worth one day.

It’s said to be «Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful». This is the prime time now to be loading up on as much crypto as you can because when the bull run starts (and it eventually will), then you’d have gotten in near bottom.

When most people FOMO in back long after the bullrun starts, you’d already have crazy gains. Put some trust in crypto a little more and believe you and it will succeed and it will take you to heights unimaginable.

I want to remind you of the start of the biggest bitcoin drop in Nov 30 2013.

There was 411 days of «correction».

The price fell from $1163 to $152.

That’s a 86% drop in price.

Bitcoin would have to reach over 660% to get back to where it was.

And is eventually it did.

Buddy, if you are a holder then it doesn’t matter when you buy BTC.

Just buy and leave it alone.

I do believe crypto is still in infant stage and we are still yet to see what comes in the future.

For those are asking, guys, you can use these 3 Best Crypto Exchanges recommended by other Redditors to buy BTC and other altcoins.

You should buy if you understand & believe in what bitcoin’s trying to do.

If you do anything else, you may be lucky with bitcoin, but you’ll eventually be parted from any profit you make by plausible-sounding crooks working some grift or other.

Buying Bitcoin now is hell of a lot smarter than buying at the end of last year. This is all anyone knows

Depends on your time frame, I bought in 2015 at $350, then it dropped below $200, I continued to hold and sold a good amount at $12k last year.

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