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QwikTech Solutions is a company dedicated to understanding clients’ needs and providing modern and simple, yet innovative technological solutions to consumers’ everyday problems.

Magetsi is an intelligent payment system designed by QwikTech Solutions to purchase prepaid electricity vouchers. Magetsi is a simple, safe and reliable method that offers improved accessibility and availability of prepaid electricity vouchers.

Amagetsi is the most effective way for Zimbabweans living in the rest of the world to buy electricity online for their families back home.

Increasingly, Zimbabwe nationals struggle to access cash to purchase daily goods and services. Additionally the volume of remittances from outside Zimbabwe decreases year on year. This necessitates innovative solutions aimed at improving the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans in country who rely on the financial support of relatives in the diaspora. Amegetsi.com is a seamless and reliable transactional platform enabling Zimbabweans living and working outside the country to purchase electricity tokens on behalf of their loved ones in Zimbabwe

Amagetsi.com is cheaper than sending electronic and physical cash across the border.

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