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Hello I’ve been using Newton to buy crypto and transfer it to my wallet for months now, and have no issues. But yesterday I sent BTC to my hardware wallet and it showed up instantaneously.

Then I sent ETH and it has not shown up for 16 hours now.

I used the scan QR option to add my address.

I have been trying to purchase Crypto for the last 2 weeks with no success until I found this information out.The only way to buy crypto in Canada with the exception of Flexpin is that you must apply for a VISA Debit Card that has an expiry date and a CSV code.

I haven’t bought bitcoin in a while and since Quadriga is done, I’m wondering what are some good options for Canadians. I’m looking through some of them and in addition to the fees (withdrawal, trade and even deposits on some!) there are some differences in price as well.

So if they don’t get you with the fees they get you with the spread.

What is the cheapest and safest way to buy Bitcoin in Canada at the moment? Please include the fees and the difference in price so we can have a clear picture how much we will pay.

I made a Comparison Spreadsheet not so long ago to compare the most popular exchanges and brokers.

In my experience, Shakepay is one of the most convenient one, because there is no deposit or withdrawal fee, so you know right away what you get and you can withdraw in your own wallet right after the transaction.

Another very good one IMO is Coinberry.

Hi, I have been away from the market for a while, first time I purchased was with Quadriga but it seems they are not that reliable right now.

so I read the comments here because I was wondering the same thing. I was able to buy btc from NDAX under 30 minutes.

There are a quite a few options that you can choose from. Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Gemini are a few international exchanges you can use. Coinsquare, Shakepay, NDAX, and Coinberry are all based in Canada.

We’ve compiled a list of all the exchanges that serve Canada here:

Note: This post is not an endorsement for any of those exchanges.

Those are just the options available.

Do your own research =)

I’ve commented before on your use of «all» or «complete» for your lists. Just a quick glance at your list I see isn’t listed.

So just realized that I can’t use my credit card to make a purchase, and to do an etransfer will require a lengthy process in certain exchanges. I also saw some sites have ridiculous fees.

What are other regular traders doing in Canada to beat the ban banks have put on us and bypass some places with high fees? I’m looking to buy crypto with fiat at the most efficient way possible.

I’ve been using ndax to buy crypto for a month now with e transfers. very easy to get verified, you just need to confirm your cellphone number. plus their rates are much better for buying then quadrigacx.

This, been wondering this for a few years now.

Thought QuadrigaCX was the best option….

look how that turned out.

I only use shakepay now.

1.5% fees and transactions are instant or less than 30 mins

I’ve been going with They plan on being one of the leading regulated brokerage in Canada and US… The rates aren’t bad Check em

They usually turn around within 1-2 hours so no point paying 3.5% for express…

I use Netcoins. I’ve used their Otc desk for larger purchases, and when I buy smaller amounts I use their app @ It’s fast, easy, safe and their support staff goes above and beyond.

If you live in the GTA area we can help you with your buying/selling needs. We are a retail cryptocurrency exchange located in Mississauga

I use Netcoins and have had no complaints.

I have been investing in crypto for months now and would always use my BMO MasterCard to do so on CEX.IO. With the recent ban, I have been to multiple banks to seek another way to buy, but I was told I could not purchase crypto through any of their chequing accounts. I even went to RBC today where I was told that they do not allow direct deposits to crypto site (dont know if that is in fact true seeing as on reddit the general consensus is that RBC is a little more pro crypto than the other banks). So with that being said, what are my options for safely buying cryptos? Thanks.

How much do you want to buy? Shakepay is wicked for smaller amounts. By small amounts, I mean that they told me anything up to 10K should be fine on their end. Quite impressed by them, hopefully they keep it up.

I am new to crypto, and want to try investing.

However it seems that every other exchange either goes broke or gets hacked. Is their a safer avenue to buy bitcoin through in Canada???

You can always buy cryptocurrency through a Peer-to-Peer channel like Linkcoin! Since LinkCoin is Peer-to-Peer users are buying and selling directly with each other — sort of like how Kijji is a marketplace that lets buyers and sellers buy/sell goods with each other directly. The beauty of this is that we, as the exchange, never have custody of your assets and we do not process withdrawals. So a lot of the unfortunate news you hear about centralized exchanges would not happen on our platform, as we are not in control of your assets.

Found this useful spreadsheet from another reddit thread comparing Canadian crypto trading platforms.

You’d think this would be an easy question but I can’t figure it the hell out. I created an account on Coinbase but its asking for a US state and a SSN. I created an account on Binance but apparently that’s not for buying BTC. I just want to buy a very small amount (less than $100) while in Canada. Can anyone advise?

Check out the right hand sidebar, there should be a list of exchanges listed under «Buy Bitcoins»

thanks! do you have a suggestion which to use? i’ve already created 3 bloody accounts only to find some issue or other.

none of these ones though, except the quadri thingy.

with them apparently they take weeks/months to have a functioning account.

Once you have that first question figured out. Your second question will be.

If you want to pay 10% or higher fees, there’s always a bitcoin atm.

My friend and I decided to do some experiment on cryptocurrency investing and looking for a platform, exchange with low fee and a good variety of cryptos. Right now we’re looking at Coinbase (allows credit card but only BTC and ETH) and Kraken (more variety but only allows bank transfer which will costs $13.5 each time).

Definitely check out QuadrigaCX.

Nobody in Canada gets near the volume they do.

Here’s a solid beginner’s guide that should help you get the hang of their system.

Thirding QuadrigaCX, they’re pretty active on reddit (over on r/bitcoinca) and easy to set up.

Low enough fees, considering CAD.

Easy to deposit/withdraw.

Send CAD to Quad.

Transfer BTC or ETH to a different exchange (Bitfinex, Binance, Etheredelta) to buy the coins I want (if Quad doesn’t have them).

Send my new coins to my non exchange wallet.

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