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Factom is a distributed record-keeping system designed to make it easier for businesses to store data on the blockchain. By creating a data layer on top of the bitcoin blockchain, Factom allows businesses to securely record information that can’t be modified or deleted.

To upload data into the network, you’ll need Factom tokens called Factoids (FCT).

Providing enterprise customers a blockchain-based data registry and verifiable credential model in order to make data and processes independently verifiable.

With everything you need to get started, Connect is a fast way to enhance your applications with blockchain technology – no cryptocurrency or networking nodes needed.

Our enterprise grade Blockchain-as-a-Service platform for the Factom® protocol. Offering complete environments with supporting API key management, no cryptocurrency, and managed infrastructure.

We provide an easy way for enterprises to add data integrity and trust to existing processes using the power of blockchain. Harmony Integrate supplies a REST API to chronologically link enterprise data, documents, and transactions on the Factom blockchain for immutable record systems.

This is for licensing the Factom trademark if you are a Authority Node Operator or community members that would like to use the word Factom. Please fill out and return to

This is for licensing the Factom mark on merchandise like cups and hats. Please fill out and return to

This license is for exchanges that are qualified to use the globe with arrows for representing Factoids. Exchanges will need to download the license but do not need to return it.

View the complete list here.

Factom, Inc.

owns all rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, in and to the Factom Trademarks, listed here, and the trade name Factom, Inc. (the “Factom Name”).

The Factom Trademarks may not be used by anyone other than Factom without an express, written license from Factom.

Factom Harmony is our Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that helps you build Factom blockchain capabilities into your applications without cryptocurrency or infrastructure.

The Factom Protocol describes itself as an ‘open source, decentralized data integrity protocol built by an international coalition of companies that extends the security of blockchain to any data type’. The protocol is reportedly easy to integrate with any system, thereby providing a low, fixed cost source of indisputable truth and verification for business and government.
The fixed cost and dual token design of the protocol reportedly enables subscription models where customers do not have to hold tokens despite their being used automatically in the background.

(FCT) is traded on 6 exchanges with a total volume of $ 167,007 over the last 24 hours. You can buy (FCT) with BTC, ETH.

Are you planning to join the cryptocurrency niche? The ideal method is purchasing potential crypto coins that promise some returns on investment in future. One such coin is Factom.

Though there are a number of methods such as exchanges and peer-to-peer platforms that can be used to purchase crypto coins, concerns about their security still linger. Every day, people give accounts of how they lost funds trying to purchase digital coins.

This post is a comprehensive guide on how to purchase Factom securely. The post seeks to answer the main question that investors interested in Factom always ask: “How and where can one purchase Factom securely?”

Factom is a blockchain protocol designed to separate the immutability of blockchain technology from the cryptocurrencies associated with it.

Where can i buy factom? I cant seem to find anywhere that sells it.


Curious, so the value of a Factom is closely tied to the value of bitcoin/usdt right? So even if Factom where to go up in value, but Bitcoin were to go down, you could still end up in the red correct?

Step 1.

Acquire some BTC ( Step 2.

Send it to your Poloniex wallet ( Step 3.

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It is a blockchain protocol that separates the immutability of blockchain tech from the digital currencies that are usually associated with it.

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