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Pephka is home to some rather… interesting characters. Everyone seems to be trying to sell various tours and experiences that claim to have the Minotaur. The claims are dubious at best, since this is a creature of myth and legend. So this guide will go over the main side quests for the territory of Messara and how to complete them.

If you want to explore a different region, head back to our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey side quests guide for a full list of the different regions. Alternatively, there is also the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey guide for everything else this massive game has to throw at you.

Leiandros will be trying to drum up business and get people to take on his challenge.

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Cashing In On the Cow was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra’s genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.

Kassandra returned to Leiandros after completing the «Pre-Trials» and gaining the tokens associated.

Kassandra made her way to Leiandros in Warrior’s Rest to turn in the Pre-Trial Tokens.

Kassandra reported her completion of the trials to Leiandros.

Cashing In On The Cow is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which is a continuation of Minotour De Force.

In the previous mission, you were required to collect tokens from three different pre-trials (endurance / strength / accuracy).

For this quest, your task is to simply return the tokens to Leiandros in Pephka.

The recommended level for this quest probably follows your character’s level.

Your only role is to give the three tokens to Leiandros. You can find him in Dikte Plateau, Pephka.

Talk to him and return the tokens. He will then offer to sell these tokens back to you for 1,200 drachmae as souvenirs.

Once you’re ready, ask him to bring on the minotaur.

During the Minotaur quest line, you are asked to do 3 pre-trials .

The pre-trial of accuracy, you are asked to find the master’s son.

Pre-trial master: You’re going to pay to win? Where’s your sense of Pride and Accomplishment?

That entire quest line had me LOLing. One of the funniest quests in the game

Assassins creed could honestly use a lot more 4th wall breaks like this considering they’ve put more focus on side quests. The animus is a simulation, Ubisoft needs to start having more fun with it.

The quest with the boy giving the tour cracked me up. Everyone on that island is a crook lol

What Ubisoft did better than EA is they normally sell MTX at fixed price, so at least you are not forced to gamble, and they don’t generally bar you from core experience.

I was very impressed with the island of Mykono’s and all of it’s side quests and the story it told. Something like that probably would have been sold as a $10 DLC last gen yet here it was in Odyssey simply as a side option. I knew there were going to more more interesting side options like that too as the game went on and Pephka did not disappoint. I originally went to Pepkha to start the arena side quest so I expected the Minotaur to be some really strong guy with a mask.

Upon doing the pre trials it become obvious everything was a scam.

When I found out the cult had stolen that guys daughter and forced him to scam people it felt like Mykono’s again.

A well written side quest and this time it involved the cult.

Upon killing the cult members and rescuing his daughter I did another side quest where that boy gives you a tour and then leads you into the caves to be robbed.

I’ve been trying to complete this achievement for about an hour this morning, killing most of the goats on Kephallonia yet I still haven’t found it yet. Is this normal? Since I’m seeing others are getting it with only their second goat.

I went back there once, killed two goats, and I got it. That was the luckiest trophy ever.

Same here lol i was so confused at first because a solid 5-6 hours of gameplay had passed and I had no clue what the achievement meant.

I fast traveled to Kephallonia on a whim, saw a goat, decided out of blind violence that I’d kill it, and got the eye.

Didn’t even realize this was a trophy til I got it.

For real.

I was running away from killing the cyclops, killed a goat I happned to have gotten clpse enough to kill on foot and found it immediatly after the quest.

Hi Guys, just progressed pretty far into the Trial of Sokrates story line and was attacked by a merc while walking Sokrates home.

He’s just hanging by a rock chilling out.

Is this game ending? Any way to fix the bug without having to go back to my manual saves?

If you had a bounty on you it’s pretty normal.

Try to fast travel away and come back to Socrate.

If this doesn’t fix it reload a previous state.

I’ve tried a few times. Last save state is from like 7 hours ago because I kept accidentally reloading after the incident happened.

I had this glitch just tonight a few moments ago.

Also had a one star bounty.

He was just chilling near a rock after I killed the mercenaries who were after me.

Fast travelling away and trying to complete another quest didn’t work.

I returned to him, did a manual save and just quit to title screen.

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Pephka Side Quests available Assassin’s Creed Odyssey — including tips, rewards, requirements, & more.

After completing a long series of Quests, your hunt for the «Minotaur» will award you with an unique Epic Minotaur Helm and Cultist Clue.

You don’t have to fight at all when gathering the items for the quest. Sneak around the Fort and the Leader’s House to get the items without having to engage in combat.

The children are hiding somewhere in the fields near the Warrior’s Archery Range. Use Ikaros to find them, just follow the direction of the arrows when you use stationary mode.

After you break open the way inside the house, be careful as you go in as there is a viper waiting for you there.

You will go up to a man shouting about slaying a mighty Minotaur.

Go up and he will say that there is a Minotaur on the island, and anyone who slays it will get a prize.

So of course, you accept.

However, you have to complete three pre-trials before doing the actual trial of killing the Minotaur.

When you get to the accuracy trial, the man will be distraught. So he decides to change the trial to you finding his sons who have stopped responding to him.

All three of them are in the field behind him.

Use Ikaros to find them.

One is hiding in the crops, one is being terrorized by boars, and the last is hiding in a room guarded by a really big snake.

Find all of them and tell them all to go to the home.

Once you’ve done that, go back to the trial giver to get your Trial Token.

You have two different ways of completing this quest.

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