The ‘Bitcoin time-traveler’ Reddit post has been edited, but nobody knows who did it

It was Now at $3, it was Now at $100, it was even Now at 19000.

You cannot predict the bottom/top or every crash/bullrun.

Just buy Now.

Buy on the way up and the way down.

And buy what you’re comfortable with.

Dont go and sell your house.

I’m buying $10 worth every week.

But I already have a good amount stored in a wallet.

So dont ask, just do!

8000% growth after each subsequent low.

That has been the historical trend.

Shit is gonna look tiny compared to the next bull peak, possibly around 200k. So yes, listen to OP.

Its been said that there are 2 great times to buy.

One was in 2011, the other time is always right now.

(And go ahead and plant a tree too while your at it)

ppl had your same reaction when they sold at the top of $500.

its hard to determine the top.

so asking «whens the dip» to buy in is dumb.

Now post one for how to trade while at work without consequences

Wanted to repost this guide on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency without fees. It’s helped me a ton and I wanted to pass it on to anyone who may have not seen it.

In these boring times of no real movement, I figured we’d discuss our regrets. What is the purchase you regret the most? And what’s the sell you regret the most? It doesn’t have to be the biggest loss, just the most regretted. Mine are:

I bought MTL at $12 (when btc was around $4000), off some shilling about it sponsoring some stupid race. And supposedly having a great wallet.

My most regretted sell is EOS.

Sold at $.65 after buying at $1.25.

Just didn’t think the project was going anywhere.

and believed some FUD about lead developer being a fraud/scammer.

on another note, why nobody shared these stories when I first started crypto.

I figured its about time I share my experience during dips.

I started out last march , and now Crypto is a full time job for me.

I spend 10hrs a day 7 days a week swing trading.

Most people buy the dip.

A friend of mine dumped in $2k buying the first dip from the ATH.

He’s currently down 40% .

To properly buy the dip, you have to have set amount of money on the side you are willing to spend buying the dip.

Everyone says to buy low, sell high and to avoid the emotional state of the masses but very few actually do. Most people (including me and you) are part of the masses, we are the sheep, and so the best way is to read our own emotional state.

Now this metric is not perfect, you might actually have a good degree of separation between emotions and investing, let’s assume you don’t (you probably don’t). Also, this advice only pertains to investment assets that already have a following and provide value (BTC, ETH, RE dev, stocks, bonds). Altcoins are just an every man’s form of venture capital/angel investing.

When you find yourself ranting and raving about BTC/ETH, telling your friends, your family to invest. When you feel the most confident about the technology, when your absolutely high off the potential of the tech.

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Reddit, which was among the biggest platforms to allow bitcoin payments, has stopped accepting the cryptocurrency on its platform. According to news reports, users of the site can no longer use bitcoin to upgrade to Reddit Gold, a feature that enables them to block ads and highlight their comments. Payments using bitcoin on Reddit are made using San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s wallet.

(See also: How Reddit Makes Money).

A moderator on the site said they might enable bitcoin payments again if there is demand and based on progress of Coinbase Commerce, a service launched by North America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange to enable merchants to accept bitcoin. The moderator also said they’d observed bugs for payments made using bitcoin.

Reddit is the latest among large online platforms to shut its doors on cryptocurrencies.

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